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You can take the girl out the geology department …

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on September 22, 2010 by Cara Marie

Because I’ve decided to follow along with [ profile] build_a_world, last night I busied myself drawing a rough map of one of my worlds. This quickly gets complicated, because I decide, right, this area of the world is quite volcanic, so there’s going to be a subduction zone right along here … and I know I want a massive mountain range here, so let’s make it a continental collision zone …

So my map is not just a map of the continents, but a map of the continental plates, complete with little arrows to show their direction of movement. If I decide to worry about the rest of the planet, I’m going to need to make a globe.

My review of Catherynne Valente’s The Orphan’s Tales

Posted in Books with tags , on September 8, 2008 by Cara Marie

A friend asked me to submit something for the Women’s issue of Salient. I wasn’t sure if they actually got the review I wrote, because I didn’t get a response, but checking on the site today, turns out they did.

I’m probably more please than is really warranted, but yay anyway.


Posted in Books with tags , on June 2, 2007 by Cara Marie

I was a bit scandalised today when I realised Maurice Gee had a new kid’s book out and I hadn’t known about it. Not that it was out this time last week, say, but just that I had been completely unaware of it? There has been no publicity of any kind? It felt like there must be something wrong with the world…

The first novel I can recall ever reading was Maurice Gee’s Under the Mountain. Except I didn’t finish it the first time I tried – it was too scary. I’ve never read it since, but I remember the creepiness of it. I guess I used to get scared by books pretty easy – I never managed to finish The Witches. Nowadays not so much. I don’t even have nightmares anymore, not in years. I have some pretty creepy dreams sometimes, but I’m never really scared. Or maybe it’s like even when I’m dreaming, I know it’s a story, and so I can be intrigued and not actually scared?

A few months ago I did have a dream about murderous witches, with long nails like knives. Only in the dream the witches only existed because I had been telling stories about them. Luckily I’d figured that out previously and sort of written them out, it was just I had to get through this last climax. I woke up not at all scared but rather incredibly bewildered that I could dream so literary.

Anyway, it will be interesting to read this new book, Salt. It’s fantasy – I never read any of his kids books that weren’t, and I don’t like his adult books. I’ve read two of them because I felt that I ought, but I found the characters to be generally unlikable and it all to be rather depressing. I suppose I’m still a young optimist, so they don’t do it for me. I will stick to dreams.

This isn’t what I meant to write about tonight, I think. But I think since my OOS stopped me from doing my two-pages-a-night I am feeling somewhat disjointed? Because thinking something through isn’t the same as writing it through, and I had been journaling like that since the start of high school.

The reason I stopped really using lj was because I found I would often be writing the same stuff over, type and hardcopy. Now… well, at least if I’m writing on the computer, I’m having breaks enforced. This entry has been spread out over three of my sessions. And now I’m just rambling. But I guess it’s been a while since I even did that.

I have to do a presentation

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on May 28, 2006 by Cara Marie

Sometimes I forget how easy the writing of things is. I’m working on my earth sciences presentation (which is supposed to be a group project, but somehow I ended up with just one other person and the feeling I’m the one doing everything) which is on ways in which a family can reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Now I’ve got around 580 words, and I’ve only covered transport. The talk’s only supposed to be ten minutes long, and I have the feeling I’ll be doing some cutting. Which is funny, because I thought before that I’d have trouble having enough to talk about. But part of that was how they mention using power point and things, and that immediately makes me freak out until I remember – hang on, slides aren’t the point. If what you’re saying is all on the screen, there’s no reason to even talk – so you have to know what you’re saying, and then the slides just sort of summarise that, provide the bones of it for people to copy down.

But I was still kind of annoyed and procrastinatory about the writing it bit, until I actually sit down and begin, after which it’s like, what the hell were you worried about? But that happens a lot. You’d think by now I would actually sort of realise that, but I’m still very good at stressing about projects. I just hate having it over my head too – I’m getting my hair cut on Tuesday, but I can’t even properly look forward to that, because Tuesday is also the day I’m doing the presentation!

Maybe I’ll just make Oliver actually present it, except I’ve got the feeling now that if you want a job done properly, you do it yourself, and I feel like I can do better all by myself. It’s like how my sister was saying that she doesn’t see herself as a leader, but in group projects she always finds herself taking charge – just because no-one else wants to do anything. Even though she’d rather work on her own. And I’d rather be working on my own too. Maybe I just don’t trust Oliver – and I wonder how he’d do if he were doing in by himself. But then my thoughts get rather bitchy, and I’d be better just to shut up.

So now I’ll go write the other three sections that still don’t even really cover everything. I think I just like the sound of my own words too much.


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I’m at work right now. Scanning things. You don’t actually have to do a lot when you’re scanning things, so to prevent my brain from popping, I’m updating this at the same time. Because, you know, I don’t very often.

So, what’s new and exciting in Cara-town? Well, I finally managed to get one of the fundraising chocolates. When you’re young enough that eftpos is free, who needs cash? Well, me. For chocolate, and dancing. Although I may skip the dancing tonight, being that I am sick. I can’t skip uni because I am sick, even though I only have two lectures. One of which is physics. Which is why I need the chocolate. You know the chocolate from the vending machines at uni is $1.70? That’s scandalous. My $2 chocolate is almost twice as much.

Also, I have a dilemma. The Actualities are playing the same night as the first meeting of the Games Club! Alas! I will be able to pop in at some point (to the games club – I’m afraid Tonya has priority) so that I can pay $5 membership and get 10% off at Arty Bees! I love how university makes books cheaper. We all know this is the only reason I went.

Last night, I went to Katipo to see Stephen-from-this-work’s band play. It was dreadfully exciting, although I did have the feeling that as a new uni student, I should’ve been out getting drunk or something. I did have a spider, and I felt like being under 18 practically makes me grown up. Interesting music is far more fun than drunkenness anyway. Very loud music. Filled with exciting noises. I wish I could make all those kinds of noises. Sadly, I cannot. But it made me think of the first line of a story I’ve had in my head, so I got to write 20 pages in my little notebook instead. I kept feeling like I was going to wake up to find I hadn’t written anything at all – like when you wake up in the morning and imagine you’re doing all these things, and then you actually wake up and it was all in your head.

I’ve just been told I can use the nice scanner. The quiet scanner. The one that makes me want to kill things less. However, I have to leave in a quarter hour anyway. For physics. So I won’t bother changing. And hey, someone has lollies.

Yes, I am a loner who goes to see films all by herself

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My sister and I went to Harry Potter today. Seperately. But it was still nice, because we got to talk about it when we got home. It was so good! It was better than the sixth book, god damn it. It made me want to be a Harry Potter fan again.

So, let’s just cut the ranting…