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SCC 2.22 – Born to Run

Posted in Science fiction, TV with tags , on June 28, 2009 by Cara Marie

They played the last two episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles back-to-back here. The promos didn’t bother to point this out – I only realised because they said it was the finale, and I knew it wasn’t. Thank goodness, or we would’ve missed out on the last ever episode and I would’ve cried.

Being, you know, as I’ve already used up all our broadband for this month. Oops.

Where I try and get the time travel straight in my head

My personal kingdom of addiction…

Posted in Music with tags , on June 13, 2009 by Cara Marie

I am seriously addicted to IAMX. Ever since I watched 0mindthegap0‘s (awesome) vid The Negative Sex… it took me a while to remember why I knew the name IAMX. Back when we were sixth formers, everybody loved The Sneaker Pimps. Specifically Half Life, the second album. The first album had the girl singing, and we prefered Chris Corner, and the third album was just not as good, and I was the only one that still loved it.

In seventh form, Chris Corner put out his first stuff as IAMX. Only, here in New Zealand, it was only available as an import. I think it cost about $40? No way were us little high schoolers going to pay that. I will not even pay NZ full price for a CD.

So I never bought any of IAMX’s stuff. Until I figured out just who exactly ‘The Negative Sex’ was by. After which, NZ music stores failing me, I went onto the internet and ordered all three IAMX albums (and got the single for President free, I love ordering things over the net). Price of CDs in NZ is such that even paying shipping and our crappy exchange rate, the CDs worked out cheaper than new ones here…

I just remembered something. Half Life was the first CD I ever ordered over the internet. It was off a NZ site, and it arrived the next day. It must have been a Wednesday, because I didn’t have to go anywhere straight away. So I took it upstairs and sat curled between my speakers and I put it on and I stayed there. It really is a beautiful album.

I am not disappointed in IAMX. I have had the CDs on pretty much non-stop since they arrived – a month ago? More? I listen to other things but it is only for the sake of listening to other things. The Alternative was the one I loved first, probably because it was the one I had heard songs off before. Then the newest album, Kingdom of Welcome Addiction, which wasn’t officially released until after I placed my order but they sent straight away anyway. It is EPIC.

The first look the longest to grow on me, the one I never bought in the first place. But grow on me it did, and now I just tell the computer to play them all damn through. I’m a bit scared I’m going to play the life out of them.

…this whole rant was spurred because we watched episodes 2.18-2.19 of Sarah Connor Chronicles, and they broke my heart. Then I thought about how they broke my heart, then I thought of the IAMX song ‘Spit it Out’ (uh, because one of the lines is ‘and it breaks my heart’) and I had to go put on the album. Again. I ♥ you Chris Corner, you still make my life.

It’s all about the robots

Posted in Science fiction, TV with tags , , , on May 5, 2009 by Cara Marie

Sarah Connor Chronicles 2.13 – Earthlings Welcome Here

SCC 2.11: Self Made Man

Posted in Science fiction, TV with tags on April 20, 2009 by Cara Marie

Sarah Connor Chronicles does Cold Case!


Posted in Science fiction, TV with tags , , on November 16, 2008 by Cara Marie

Last night, we watched episode 6 of Sarah Connor (really good ep, BTW). A resistance fighter comes back from the future. She’s an Australian! (This also happened at the end of season one of SCC – an Aussie, I mean. In that case, it was a clue.)

It’s always somewhat disconcerting when Aussies show up in American programs. Your ears are adjusted to the American accents, and suddenly they throw an Aussie in the mix, and it throws you.

The same thing happened tonight. We were watching Battlestar Galactica: Razor, when suddenly: an Australian!

The same Australian!

Sci-fi television is so incestuous. Or maybe it’s just I’m watching a lot more television than I ever used to, so I notice when actors reappear. I have looked her up, and her name is Stephanie Jacobsen. Unsurprisingly, she also used to be on Home and Away. At any rate I think she’s pretty cool, so I’ll look forward to seeing more of her on SCC.

Dumb romance is not romantic (SCC 2.02)

Posted in Science fiction, TV with tags on October 25, 2008 by Cara Marie

Now that my sister and I are over exams, we get to catch up on our TV shows! Probably even more exciting than the not having to go to uni part…

Sarah Conner Chronicles 2×02