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Darwin’s Evolution, issue 1, with a sideline into NZ conservation…

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Mum sent me a link today to Darwin’s Evolution, which is a new webzine for speculative fiction. Turns out she didn’t send it to me because of this story, about pet rocks, but just because the link had been going round the SLANZA listserve and she thought I might be interested.

It’s plenty entertaining, sure. My favourite story is ‘The Once and Future King’, which is set in a believable future-Earth, that isn’t overexplained, even if it is someone depressing. It’s a simple, charming story and I’m happy I got to read it. It feels like a short story too, not as if it wants to be a novel. The story ‘Avarice’ did feel like it wanted to be longer, but it was clever and I enjoyed it.

‘Defending Fjordland’, however, didn’t get much of a chance. This isn’t so much to do with the story itself, but simply the fact that it’s set in New Zealand, but the author clearly isn’t a New Zealander. For one thing, it’s actually ‘Fiordland’. And being as the story correctly names Codfish Island as being the kakapo sanctuary, it seems a fair thing to call it on.

Also the supposed attitude to pests grates on me. And rabbits are pests, not a creature to get sentimental over. Sure, bunnies are cute. But I expect our national parks to be sanctuaries for native fauna. That means I expect rabbits, possums, stoats, rats, and yes, even wild cats to be subject to pest eradication programs. The suggestion that anyone would get upset about killing wild cats seems bizarre. Unless they’re a vegetarian. I’ve had to accept that ever since we had a very intense argument in the van on one of our fieldtrips with the vegetarian who thought possums shouldn’t be killed… such idealism…

I don’t think my attitude is at all unusual for a New Zealander. (But then, there are some strange people who complain about things like tui singing, when they live next to a wildlife sanctuary. Yup, we’re all for native birds, just not in our backyard?) Being as we’re raised on books like ‘Biddy Alone’, where a young girl whose family has moved to an island wildlife sanctuary can’t bear to leave her pet cat behind, and smuggles him onto the island. Silly Biddy. That was a good book.

Um. I think the point was that I stopped being able to believe in ‘Defending Fjordland’. Tough luck. But I guess I’ll remember it as a warning if I’m writing a story set in a foreign country.

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