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The Hobbit: needed less wizards

Posted in Fantasy, Movies with tags , , on December 22, 2012 by Cara Marie

So last night we came out of The Hobbit and my mother declared that she didn’t know what all the critical reviewers were on about. And did they just not get fantasy?

… queue me being extremely critical. Read more »

Some observations on the war between the secret police and the revolutionaries

Posted in Movies, Science fiction with tags on January 9, 2011 by Cara Marie

If I were leading a guerrilla force, and we had to take out the soldiers staying at a motel, I would probably not get someone to set off the alarm so they could all come outside with their guns.

Not that it seemed to make much difference.

Also, if I wanted to take someone alive, and they’ve just thrown away their gun and started walking away, I wouldn’t shoot them. It’s not like there weren’t plenty of young soldiers who hadn’t just dragged their mate over the Coromandel hills there to catch him. Really.

I’ve been watching Sleeping Dogs, which is a 1977 film, the first New Zealand movie my mother ever saw in the theatre. They had it on Māori TV this week, and Mum thought I should watch it, on account of it being dystopian and all. Basically, after prolonged industrial action, New Zealand becomes a police state! Sam Neill is the good New Zealand bloke who’s left his wife after she’s had an affair; he runs off to live on an island and ‘feel sorry for himself’. There is an old man who stares ominously out at the water, as old men are wont to do. Sam Neill is set up as a revolutionary! The resistance wants to use him, but he just wants to be left alone, dammit. And in the end it all comes down to mateship. Just in case you weren’t absolutely sure this was made in NZ :p

It was pretty interesting, anyway, though the ending could have been stronger. And turns out Sam Neill was kind of a babe when he was younger, so side benefits?

Some people take the whole fortnight off

Posted in Books, Movies with tags , , on June 16, 2010 by Cara Marie

It’s that time again – the time to run out and grab a programme, draw up a longlist, draw up a shortlist, and only go to one film in the end anyway. Why, yes, it’s the film festival!

And I already know what the one film I will see if I see nothing else is. It’s Predicament. The Wellington showing is the premier, and I know it’s showing at least in the Auckland festival as well. Predicament is an adaptation of the novel by Ronald Hugh Morrieson, a dastardly tale of small town secrets, blackmail, and teenage boys hanging around in attics and riding bicycles. The movie has make-outs in it; there are no make-outs in the book.

Also, it stars a good friend of mine. So maybe I am biased. But, I have every reason to believe it is going to be excellent! And you should see it! You know, if you live in New Zealand somewhere you can do so.

There is no full length trailer yet, but the teaser is behind the cut