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On my completion of Melting Stones

Posted in Books with tags , , on January 3, 2008 by Cara Marie

So, I discovered on my trip down south that audio books are really quite useful when you’re sitting in the car for hours. Actually reading makes me feel sick, and as there are only so many times you can play Savage Garden… I don’t think I”d really listen to audio books for anything else though. Because there’s nothing like being able to flip through pages, or being able to reread a sentence because you’re don’t want to believe you heard her say quartz is the first mineral you get from a magma*.

Still, it saved me a great deal of boredom. And now I can gloat to people that I’ve read the new Tamora Pierce and they haven’t. (Oh, for someone to gloat to.) It’s a good story even if you’re not a rock geek, I promise!

The only thing is that I feel the moralism got heavy-handed, especially at the end. I think it stands out more, actually being said. Although, I suppose if she wanted to get across something kind of spoilery.

I am an even bigger geek when it comes to magmas

Posted in Books with tags , , on December 18, 2007 by Cara Marie

Nice work Evvy, going down into the magma chamber and meeting your friends who want to blow the whole thing open. I am a little concerned that it didn’t occur to her sooner but I guess her studies have been more focused on actually using crystals and things? And Luvo said they’ve never actually been by a volcano.

Whereas, I live on a subduction zone, and igneous petrology is my most favouritest. Lake Taupo, which I visit every summer, is the caldera left by a massive eruption that occured a few thousand years ago, and it was learning that that made me want to be a volcanologist in the first place. Poor Evvy, you are so deprived.

The magma spirits really made me very happy. In, you know, the ‘ha ha, they’re forcing you to help them try and escape and erupt all over you!’ kind of way. Yeah. I would be interested to know what kind of magma it is? I suppose we will find out when the whole thing blows!

I am a total geek

Posted in Books with tags , , on December 10, 2007 by Cara Marie

I’m listening to Melting Stones, which is Tamora Pierce’s latest book, released as an audiobook a year before the print edition. It is very exciting for me! It’s odd listening to a story, but I had been looking forward to this, because Evvy is the main character. She was the reason I loved Street Magic so, because she is a stone mage. That book is so bashed up…

Rosethorn can’t understand why Evvy is getting so excited, being on a volcanic island. POOR EVVY IS FROM CONTINENTAL BASIN. Of course she is over-excited. I wonder how people who aren’t rock geeks react to Evvy’s waxing lyrical? I suppose they don’t go wondering about whether or not you can use magic similarly to looking at a mineral’s optical properties… and how magical knowledge might relate to scientific knowledge… but mostly, oh Evumeimei, I want to take you on field trips with me.

I will stop now. But Tamora Pierce, you rock my world.