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bye bye studenting

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So, today I went to my first ever book launch where I was actually involved in the book’s creation! Pretty exciting ([profile] labellementuese, guess which one of my authors made the biggest effort to talk to me and is a total sweetie?) And last night was our graduation party, so I must totally be a grown up now. It feels good.

I am looking forward to having some time off. Being a slacker for a bit (a few days). Where slacking includes making progress on my festivids assignment, doing some intensive typing up, marathoning 24 and hopefully watching a lot of bad movies. Maybe some good ones even. Of course, it is getting on summer, so really I should be hanging out in the sun having picnics. Fabulous ♥

Hello again, I am eating chocolate

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So, I’m back now from my adventures in Christchurch. My quite expensive adventures in Christchurch – ie why it’s probably a bad thing for Borders to come to Wellington. Well, they had buy two get one free on all their manga, so of course I was going to take advantage of it, wasn’t I? So now I have Paradise Kiss in its entirity, yay! This is my favourite manga. And I have a lot more Ceres now – and that damn 7th Eva that I tried ordering in from two places and never came in. Grr. Um. Not that you probably need to hear me talk about the manga I bought. Let’s just say shopping in Christchurch was a very fulfilling experience.

I have sand in my hair from going to the beach when it was windy. It was a boring beach – no rocks to speak of. Akaroa, on the other hand, was all rocks, which is no good either. You have to get that happy medium. In Akaroa, I bought a $5 bag of possum pieces. I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do with these. But they’re soft and fuzzy, so you know, that’s cool. I love having pieces of dead animal lying around. Please, someone tell me what’s wrong with me.

I’m all excited to see people again, except half of them are still away! I was scared maybe everyone would have jobs now, and that all this free time I have now would be useless. I don’t know if that’s going to be a problem though – the problem will be waiting for people to get back. I’m looking at Logan in particular, who is in nearly the same place as I was to start off with. I got him a present, and can someone please explain the Ring movies to me? See, because the book is Spiral, which there is a movie of – I know this because Logan will not let us watch it. Apparantly I won’t be scared enough. So I read it (yes, I read Logan’s present) and it’s a sequal to Ring, right? And this confuses me because, with the movies, there is Ring 2 as well as Spiral. How does this work? What happens in Ring 2? Is the Spiral movie in the same ‘verse as the Ring movie? Why oh why must this be so confusing!

It was a good book actually, more a thriller than a horror, so maybe I can tell Logan that and he will let me watch it, because if it’s not a horror then I don’t have to be scared, right? It was very engaging, and I actually felt like I understood it all, which wasn’t so much the case watching Ring. I mean, it was wacky, but it was consistant. Although I do fail to understand why anyone would think humanity would be improved by removing individuality.

Today I am going to see another movie that is an adaption of a book – I am going to see Howl’s Moving Castle! This is very exciting for me, especially because The Paramount is showing in subtitled. My sister went to see it dubbed… blasphemer. I understand it makes it easier to watch… but once, at Logan’s, we watching Kiki’s Delivery Service, and we watched it subbed – and then we watched parts of it with the dub, and, well, you’d never want to watch a dub after that either.

I haven’t read the book of Howl’s Moving Castle… which I have heard may be a good thing. I never got into Diana Wynne Jones. I read one of her books once, but it was quite weird and not in a way that appealed to me. I can’t really remember anything about it now, so it can’t have done that much for me. I couldn’t even tell you what the book was.

I’m sure last night I’d come up with all these meaningful, maybe even interesting things that I could say, but they’ve all fled now. You’ll just have to make do.