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More terrifying than the human mushroom patch

Posted in Crime, Horror, TV with tags on June 24, 2013 by Cara Marie

The heartbreaking thing about Will Graham is how completely people fail him. Hannibal hardly even counts; he’s on a while other level. Hannibal doesn’t count – we’ve known all along that he doesn’t have Will’s interests at heart. But when in the final episode Jack tells Hannibal, ‘He’s not your victim, doctor,’ and Hannibal replies, ‘Nor is he yours,’ – well, neither of those statements are true. Will is just as much a victim of Jack’s utilitarianism as he is Hannibal’s curiousity. Jack fails Will utterly, both as a manager and as a human being.

And there’s Dr Sutcliffe, who in episode ten falsifies Will’s results and thus enables Hannibal to continue his manipulation. That episode is probably the most horrifying one in the series for me. Because it is two people who Will is supposed to be able to trust – two people who have a duty and an obligation to care for him – completely disregarding his health and wellbeing. They’re looking only to satisfy their own curiousity and ambition.

Hannibal is the show’s villain. But Hannibal wouldn’t be able to do what he does without the complicity of others. If Jack hadn’t failing Will, if Dr Sutcliffe hadn’t failed Will, Hannibal couldn’t have done what he did.

As complicities to evil go, eating human flesh at Hannibal’s dinners is relatively minor.