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My favourite game, again

Posted in Action/adventure, Fantasy, Games with tags on December 4, 2011 by Cara Marie

The last few weeks have basically been work work work, but the site I’ve been working on went live yesterday – hooray! – so the stress is of and I have energy to do things other than blob in the evenings.

One thing I like to do to blob is play computer games. This probably isn’t good for me, because when you’ve been staring at a screen all day, your eyes don’t thank you for staring at a screen at night as well. But it’s what I do.

I started playing Skyrim, but my inability to walk in a straight line sent me quickly back to Dragon Age 2. For the third time – this is a new record for me and RPGs! So most of it’s very familiar, but there are still new things.

For one, I finally know why people were always talking about Anders’ Manifesto! I somehow never came across it in my earlier games – and I did look for it. Obviously, when you are unambiguously pro-mage, Anders doesn’t feel the need to leave it lying around.

Which isn’t to say that I’m not pro-mage in this run-through. I’m just trying to play a character who’s a bit more skeptical. It’s difficult. I would like to have a run where I side with the Templars, but I don’t know if I’ll manage it. I’ve read people saying they found it hard to understand how anyone could side with the mages at the end, after all that’s happened, but my brain can’t hook into that perspective. Wanting to tell them to screw themselves, sure. Helping the Templars slaughter them for a crime they didn’t commit – and which I can’t necessarily even condemn – no way.

But I feel I should try it at least once. I’ve even metagamed it so Bethany would be off with the Grey Wardens, because siding with the Templars when she’s in the Circle would be too much. (Although from her character’s perspective, seems like she’d be better off there, or would be, if Kirkwall weren’t so messed up.)

I was a bit worried heading into the Deep Roads with two mages and two archers was a bad idea – it was the only way I’d get the result I wanted – but turns out it was an awesome idea. Tank? I don’t need no tank. The more mages, the better.

Basically, roleplaying a pro-Templar character is hard and I just fail at it. But asides from that, I’m having fun! And that’s all I’ve had energy for, working on a giant site migration. Hopefully my pastimes will be more diverse again now.