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Tell me something new, please

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on October 12, 2009 by Cara Marie

Catching up on Shakesville, there’s a post up on climate change, and how the last time greenhouse gases were as high as they are today, there were no ice sheets. I read this and go, uh, duh? This is news? I mean, sure, people are always doing new research showing this sort of thing, but I’ve been looking at those curves my whole degree (only four years, but it feels like forever!). My 100 level Antarctica paper did a lab on it just the other week, so it’s even fresh in my mind.

Also made the mistake of reading a comment by a climate change skeptic, which of course rarks me up. Hello, the scientists actually studying climate change don’t know about sunspots and natural climate cycles? For god’s sake. And saying a 200-1000 year error in a core date is a big deal? We’re talking at least hundreds of thousands of years, people. And it’s generally harder to get an accurate date, than, say, a temperature estimate.

Here is something future climate change models don’t take into account, and it’s not any of those things people like to mention. It’s hurricanes. And yet, models for the huge warming event back in the Eocene don’t get up to the temperatures recorded then unless you model for hurricanes. Which doesn’t really suggest good things for us.

I should really just stay away from climate change discussions. There will always be someone there to piss me off.