Amabel Williams-Ellis

Amabel Williams-Ellis (1894-1983), full name Lady Mary Annabel Nassau Williams-Ellis (née Strachey), was an English writer and anthologist. She co-edited the SF series ‘Out of this World’, and retold fairy stories as well as writing novels, biographies and other non-fiction. She was also a founder-editor of the left-wing journal ‘The Left Review’.

I first became interested in Amabel Williams-Ellis after I realised that the same woman who had written my favourite childhood books of fairy tales had also edited several volumes of science fiction stories. These pages grew out of a desire to consolidate what I found out about her, so it would not be so difficult for other people.

Most of what I have discovered has been recorded in a series of blog entries; I have also compiled a biliography of her non-journalistic work, of which there is much!

Blogging on Amabel

Further Reading

  • Amabel Williams-Ellis – part of The Orlando Project; requires subscription access to go beyond the front page
  • Out of This World – Farah Mendlesohn on the series Williams-Ellis co-edited

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  1. Jayne Sharratt Says:

    Thought I’d get in touch because I’m really interested in Amabel Williams Ellis, and wondered if this is still an interest of yours? My parents live near her home, Plas Brondanw, which I have often visited. I’m also doing an MA in Modern History, especially the changing role and status of women in the 20th Century. Do email me if you’re interested.

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