Amabel Williams-Ellis

Amabel Williams-Ellis (1894-1983), full name Lady Mary Annabel Nassau Williams-Ellis (née Strachey), was an English writer and anthologist. She co-edited the SF series ‘Out of this World’, and retold fairy stories as well as writing novels, biographies and other non-fiction. She was also a founder-editor of the left-wing journal ‘The Left Review’.

I first became interested in Amabel Williams-Ellis after I realised that the same woman who had written my favourite childhood books of fairy tales had also edited several volumes of science fiction stories. These pages grew out of a desire to consolidate what I found out about her, so it would not be so difficult for other people.

Most of what I have discovered has been recorded in a series of blog entries; I have also compiled a biliography of her non-journalistic work, of which there is much!

Blogging on Amabel

Further Reading

  • Amabel Williams-Ellis – part of The Orlando Project; requires subscription access to go beyond the front page
  • Out of This World – Farah Mendlesohn on the series Williams-Ellis co-edited

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