Cable and X-Force (and Hope)

So I finished reading Cable and X-Force (I got seriously behind on my comic subscriptions for a while) and damn, this was a good series. It strikes a good balance between action, silliness and pathos.

The final arc is a crossover with Uncanny X-Force, and apparently I will read crossovers if they involve only two series. I still find them kind of awkward – often I prefer one of the writers to the other, and I don’t always have any idea who the other characters are. But the crossover was centred around Hope (who is in Cable and X-Force), so that was okay.

Hope, and her dad, and her dad’s clone, and her own personal bogeyman.

I am really into Hope and Cable’s father-daughter relationship, so I ate up everything here, about what sort of a person Cable had raised her to be, and whether or not he could, or should, protect her from the decision she makes here. To whit: whether or not to kill Bishop, the man who hunted her from infancy.

It was a really satisfying arc for Hope, whom I love as a character, despite often disliking how she’s written. It’s surprising how people can gloss over the whole ‘grown up on the run in a post-apocalyptic wasteland’ thing! I appreciated that whole plotline coming to the forefront here. I think Dennis Hopeless has done a much better job with Hope’s character then, say, Kieron Gillen did. I liked Generation Hope, but I don’t think Gillen took her upbringing enough into account. Hope is not a modern teenager!

Another thing I appreciated: at the end of the arc, Stryker tries the old ‘overload the teenage girl with your powers’ trick – and instead of this being an excuse to throw Hope off the planet*, Bishop helps her to redirect those powers. It’s a nice moment.

And that’s the end of Cable and X-Force, which I’m sad about. (Especially because Wikipedia tells me that in the follow-up X-Force, Hope is … in a coma? For unknown reasons?) On the other hand, I now want to reread all my Cable and Hope comics, and that is enough comics to keep me occupied for a long while.

* Supergirl is in the middle of another fucking crossover, don’t ask.

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