Queen Seon-deok, up to episode 50

Some thoughts on recent episodes, with spoilers.

I am much more interested in the nobles monopolising all the grain and inflating the prices, and in Deok-man trying to come up with ways to improve agriculture, than I am in Deok-man having feelings about Yu-shin. Less heartache, more improving cultivation techniques please.

(Although I did find it funny in Deok-man and Mi-shil’s post-marriage debrief, when Deok-man was like, ‘yeah, you’ve “served’ a lot of men, haven’t you’ to Mi-shil, and Mi-shil was just like, ‘least I’m getting some ;D’.)

Also, I’m putting Mun-no on the list of Worst Dads Ever. Right next to Gendo Ikari. If your child is that desperate for approval, that’s not a flaw in their character, it’s a flaw in your parenting. Obviously at this point Bi-dam is a grown man, but it’s not like it’s something Mun-no was unaware of when he was growing up.

And yes, of course you have to teach your child not to kill! People aren’t born knowing ethics. Especially if you’re training them in a martial art – you can’t just teach them how to use force and not teach them when and when not it is appropriate to use that force. Or knowledge of things that can heal or kill, as the case may be.

Maybe I’m being harsh. Obviously it’s going to be traumatic if you find out your child has just killed a bunch of people. But Bi-dam was still a child, and Mun-no really did not pick a good way of dealing with it.

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