Revenge season two finale

So, I know this season of Revenge hasn’t been anywhere near as good as the first, but I’ve still been watching it. Falling behind, but still watching it.

Last night I watched the double-episode season finale, and wow. Way to deliver multiple punches to the gut.

I shouldn’t have been surprised at the reveal with Conrad, but I was. It’s quite satisfying that they’re not pussyfooting around his culpability any more.

The most distressing part was probably being Nolan being framed (although I like that the Falcon played him). I blame it on all the scheming he and Aiden did without consulting Emily. Bad plan, guys! No-one schemes like Emily schemes.

I still have no interest in Aiden, so was pleased to see him get thoroughly dumped, even if he did make it all about himself and what he’d sacrificed. I feel like Aiden drained some of my joy in the show. I hope that Daniel did actual kill him, and they don’t try and twist it so that the blood is from Daniel being injured rather than from having killed Aiden.

I’d thought they were backtracking on Daniel’s heading down the path of Grayson-dom, but apparently not. I thought it was interesting when Daniel told Aiden not to comment on his relationship with Emily. Sounds like Victoria’s not the only one who doesn’t believe Emily is in love – but Daniel’s not letting it bother him.

God, would that ever be one mess of a marriage, if they ever stuck it out.

I would be annoyed about the repeat of ‘gay friend has unhealthy crush on Grayson’ except that I actually find it hilarious. Regina’s not up to Tyler’s standards, but points for trying. When she said, ‘We could raise the baby together!’ … oh man. I do believe a teenage girl saying that to her best friend, unhealthy crush or not, except that Regina did come a little out of nowhere.

And then Declan died. Another completely unexpected turn of events! I can’t say I will miss him especially. Nolan actually said something afterwards that reminded me of Regina’s line, when he suggested to Jack that they take Carl and run away (together). He does it all in a rush and I don’t think Jack even notices, really. Well done Nolan, good job keeping your crushes on your same-sex friends reasonable.

But really the best part of the episode was Emily. Emily showing emotions! Emily getting back on the horse of pretending to be in love with Daniel instead of being half-hearted about it! Emily putting herself in from of Jack’s gun! Emily genuinely wanting to bond with her sister!

It was good times. And pretty satisfying as cliffhangers go. They’ve definitely made sure I’ll be watching the next season …

4 Responses to “Revenge season two finale”

  1. Oh, oh. Spoilers Cara.

  2. It’s ok. Was reading the TV blog on stuff and one of the comments was about a certain death. Guess I was meant to know beforehand. Not that I care at all.

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