Revenge S02E10 episode reaction

So, the latest episode of Revenge was good! I mean, I am still enjoying this season even if it’s not as good as the first, but we got:

  • Emily smiling at someone! And being (I think) totally sincere! I really loved the stuff with Patricia – Emily orchestrates to destroy someone’s life, but does it in a way that gives someone the courage to save and reclaim their own. Go Emily and go Patricia.
  • Emily being nice to Amanda!
  • Nolan expressing some real subtle jealousy of stupid-face love interest. I know Nolan, we wish there wasn’t room in her sidecar for him either.
  • I hate stupid-face love interest, and as the flattie said, we don’t want him to get a plot line. But on the other hand I will be quite happy if Ms Evil from the Initiative outplays him.
  • I am all over people pretending to be in relationships, so yay for Emily/Daniel! I’m hoping stupid-face love interest gets all jealous and possessive and Emily can’t put up with it so she throws him over. I don’t know if it will play out that way, I can only hope. And then maybe he can sacrifice himself to save her at some point, not selling her out to the Initiative or something, and Emily can cry a single tear. It will be glorious.
  • Also I am apparently a sucker for plotlines were people are evil and you try and dob them in and OH NO, THEY MOVED THE STUFF. Jack should tell Emily what’s going on (or Amanda should) and Emily can orchestrate the demise of Anders and his brother. Oh, I really hope so! I mean, I would vote for Amanda just to go in there and take them down, but I feel like that could end badly for her.
  • I like that Amanda’s gone to stay with Emily, baby and all. She should move in permanently. Nolan can come over for sleepovers. Stupid-face love interest is not invited.

I’ll admit that I did remember Aiden’s name partway through, but I think I’ll keep calling him stupid-face love interest. Just in case anyone was in doubt about the depth of my contempt.

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