The Hobbit: needed less wizards

So last night we came out of The Hobbit and my mother declared that she didn’t know what all the critical reviewers were on about. And did they just not get fantasy?

… queue me being extremely critical.

I came out thinking the movie was far too long – it didn’t need to be that long. Although in retrospect I think the issue was far more pacing than length – if they’d taken out some of the unnecessary action, or Gandalf being portentous, they could have had some moments of calm, where they could have developed relationships et cetera. And it could have been the same length but I think I would have been more invested.

Every time they made camp, something adventure-y happened. There’s a walking montage, but there’s no setting-up-camp montage. The impression being that it all happens in less than a week. No wonder Thorin got pummelled by that orc – he must desperately have needed a decent night’s sleep.

And I feel that there was too strong a contrast between the adventure-y scenes, with trolls and goblins and the general tone of a kids’ fantasy movie, and the portentous scenes with wizards. (There could have been way less wizards.) The movie kept wanted to hark back (forward) to The Lord of the Rings movies. But we’ve already seen those. They didn’t need to refer to things ominously! They didn’t need to make it more like The Lord of the Rings!

I am going to blame Peter Jackson, hand in my citizenship, and I say I think I would rather have seen Guillermo del Toro’s version.

On the other hand: my mother loved it. My sister loved it (she’d seen it opening night as well). The things that bothered me didn’t bother them. And it’s not as if there weren’t things I liked in it: the scene with Bilbo and Gollum was excellent; I thought the more ‘kids’ fantasy’ conflicts were really fun; also, dwarves.

I kind of wish that instead of an extended cut, we could get a shorter one.

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