Event Horizon: might have been better if it had been worse

Event Horizon is a bad movie that could have been a good movie. The idea is basically, seven years ago this ship vanished out past Neptune. Now it’s reappeared, and a team’s been sent to investigate. Where has the ship been? What happened to all the crew?

It’s a horror movie, so the answer is HORRIBLE AWFUL (SPOILERY) THINGS. I do really like the concept of the movie, but the tone of the whole thing is somehow off. When the team get on the Event Horizon, they start hallucinating – but there’s no subtlety to the hallucinations, not even to begin with, so they fail to actually creep you out. The ‘something’s wrong here’ was too obvious.

The film also couldn’t seem to decide just how seriously to take itself – there were several moments that were presumably meant to be comic (or, I don’t know, charming character moments) but just fell flat. It was as if they’d been dropped in from another movie.

The one area the film actually did well in was the sets. In conjunction with horrible CGI, it’s true, but the sets and design were awesome. A little worrying, as in who the hell thought it was good to make the ship’s doors teethed, but cool to look at. There were awesome images in the film, it just didn’t pull them together.

I do wonder if it works better for people who are more susceptible to horror movies? I like horror, but movies don’t scare me easy. (Except The Descent. Because spelunking is terrifying.) Which I guess means I can direct more of my attention to being critical. (Or, after the movie, letting L be critical and nodding along with him. He blames a lot of its failings on the editing. That and Sam Neill seeming too much like someone’s dad to be creepy.)

So that was that bad movie. We had intended to watch other unclassy flicks like Muay Thai Giant, but were foiled by region-coding. ‘Hi, I know you bought this blu-ray completely legitimately! I’m not going to let you watch it anyway!’ Here’s an idea, movie industry, if you don’t want people to pirate things, maybe let them play the things they’ve paid for?

So we had to watch a respectable movie instead (Green Zone). Which also had problems with subtlety, but was decently made. (Plus, Matt Damon.)

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