So now I’ve seen all the Neil Marshall

I watched Dog Soldiers this afternoon, which means I’ve seen all Neil Marshall’s movies now. Good times. Dog Soldiers is his first, and it’s clearly the one with the lowest budget. But it’s tight, it’s stylistically coherent … it’s just a really good horror movie.

While I would not give up Doomsday for all the world, Marshall’s horror movies work rather better. I don’t think I ever posted about Centurion when I saw that, but whilst I enjoyed it, I can’t say it was a great movie.

Actually, it was quite funny watching Centurion, because my copy has this serious-film packaging, as if it’s an ‘important’ movie. Which I think put me off watching for a while.

But then I only had to watch it five minutes to see a Roman soldier skewered while taking a piss to remember, oh, right, this is a Neil Marshall film. He’s never one to shy away from gratuitous gore, whether that’s exploding rabbits (Doomsday) or people’s guts falling out (Dog Soldiers). And Centurion was a lot more fun (and less boring) than the reviews I’d read would have me believe.

But then, my love for Doomsday is completely non-ironic. I haven’t exactly got the classiest tastes in the world. But, I am pretty sure Dog Soldiers is actually a good film! Just as long as you’ve got a strong stomach.

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