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So I was thinking about the unlikely circumstance that movie!Loki got redeemed. ‘Well, he’d have to feel awful,’ I thought. ‘I can’t see it happening.’

And then I had a flashback to Ken weeping over Wormon in Digimon (back in the day) and suddenly it all became clear. Of course Loki is my favourite, because I have always had a massive thing for villains with a giant inferiority complex. (Ignoring that, well, Loki is my favourite in the myths too, because it’s not like they have a whole lot to do with one another.)

Usually it’s a clash of geniuses – Ken was smart but his brother was always smarter, Mello was but Near was always more so, Peter was, but Ender was the one they picked, wasn’t he?

Whereas Loki is smart and his brother is not so much – but still, it’s what Thor’s got that the family values, and Loki’s skills mean little next to that. In his mind, if not necessarily in fact. We know he tells his story the way he wants it.

Here’s another example, and it’s even got Vikings in it: Juliet Marillier’s Wolfskin. Two boys, blood-brothers (one’s a fosterling, and we can start with the inferiority there): Somerled, who is small and dark and bookish; and Eyvind, who is everything a warrior should be, one of Thor’s men, and a truly good person to boot. Whereas Somerled is full of frustrated ambition, and not so full of compunctions.

God, I loved that book. I should really reread it, but then, I have to be prepared to weep bitterly. I cry easily with my fiction, but that book is something else. It is worse than the saddest episode of Cold Case.

And at the end of the book, Somerled is exiled, set out in a small craft into the vastness of the ocean.

The parallels are kind of amazing.

And Somerled does get redeemed in the sequel, when we see him as an old man and he’s converted to Christianity.

(I did not like the sequel so much.)

Somehow I don’t see that as an option for Loki.

And when he was cast down (when he chose to fall) … well, I don’t think his experiences since have improved him any.

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