Uncanny X-Men 8

I had been a bit annoyed with the next-to-latest issue of Uncanny X-Men, because it was quite hard to follow … except it wasn’t, I’d just missed an issue. Duh.

It makes a lot more sense now. But it is the very latest issue that is most wonderful. See, Hope and Namor are stuck with the condundrum of how to placate a city of lake-dwellers they have no language in common with …

but wait. There is one language Namor is fluent in that all speak. And he goes and seduces the lake-dwellers’ queen. To Hope’s horror. ‘Ick, ick, ick!’ she says. (They’re not the most attractive of species.) And later she asks Namor if he’ll judge her if she calls him ‘king of ab-lantis’. ‘Yes,’ he says, ‘favourably.’ (Okay, Hope is not really very good at jokes, but she doesn’t have much experience, does she? And the kids her age she’s not really on an even footing with, because of the team leader minor-mind-control thing. Shame. Anyway!)

They are so funny and delightful together. It’s nice to see Hope having a positive relationship with someone! Not that I’d have picked it. Plus, it’s nice to see someone remember how young Hope is. Namor doesn’t treat her like a messiah or an abomination. Just a human who can be reasonably entertaining and just needs to be brought up right.

I’m getting quite fond of Namor, really. Doesn’t hurt that he goes around half-naked, using his wiley wiles for diplomacy and all.

I read this issue in the morning and it basically made my whole day 10x better. Maybe some other stuff happened in it, I hardly noticed over how awesome Hope and Namor were.

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