Less respectable but more fun Norse-inspired comics

I bought a bunch of random trades at our recent sci-fi convention, including The Trials of Loki by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Which is great – way better than Robert Rodi’s Loki miniseries which is a bit too ‘no-one understands me’ for my taste, also not always so easy to follow. Also far better than the DeConnick oneshot that covers some of the same material, like the shaving of Sif’s hair. The story gets more time to breathe.

Basically, this is the binding of Loki and that which lead to it, retold in the Marvel-verse. It feels cozily familiar. And unlike some Marvel stuff, the places this story does depart from the myths don’t feel egrigeous. And have as much to do with the differences in established canon as anything.

I also found it actually made me feel sympathetic to Balder, moreso than the myths ever have – I guess that’s the difference between telling and showing, there.

One change that did make me sad was to not have Sigyn there in the binding scene (not that I know anything about her in the Marvel-verse). And not having the whole one-son-tearing-out-the-other’s-entrails-to-bind-him thing. Which I’m fond of, awful as it is.

But this was a really solid miniseries. I especially liked the fight scene between Thor and Loki, where Loki’s using his shapeshifting to make it an even fight. (I was a little annoyed in the Avengers when Loki was holding his own against Thor in a close range fight. Without magic. This was more believable and more satisfying.)

Also, when we saw Loki engineering Balder’s death, I liked the sense that it wasn’t so much a malicious act, but a curious one. Gods don’t die much, so what happens once you start that ball rolling? When one death becomes three becomes now you have something to get revenge for, even what was your own fault.

I thought it was a really interesting portrayal of Loki, without making him not a villain, or playing up the angst. And I would recommend it.

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