Ridiculous movie time

We only watched one movie this last movie night. Next up: Jurassic Park marathon!

Keloglan vs the Black Prince

First Turkish movie I have ever seen! It is quite silly, and quite fun. I suspect there are lots of jokes I didn’t get.

The movie is set in the land of fairy tales. Our hero, who used to have lovely golden hair until a dragon burnt it off, is stuck doing task after task in attempt to marry the sultan’s daughter. Only she keeps getting out of it. Because she doesn’t like him, which is fair enough, and also she’s in love with someone else. Her parents are just really insistent on her marrying Keloglan.

He’s pretty over it, at this point. He’s still infatuated with her, but he knows she’s just not into him. It’s made him somewhat suicidal. But when the sultan sends him on yet another quest, he cannot disobey. Even if he really really doesn’t want to go steal that fierce giant’s belt.

Luckily for his safety, because the giant turns out to be ripped, his best friend convinces him that, after all this time being good and completing ridiculous tasks, he should just cheat. They just need to find a circus giant to help.

There are crossdressing women! Lady giants who perform Hamlet! Wandering tribes of gay men! Dance competitions! Just lots and lots of dancing. Oh, and the ‘villain’, who is quite awesome. He has a support group and everything, and he just wants the story to be named after him, dammit.

I’m not sure how good a movie it was, but it certainly entertained me.

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