That ending

So I was having trouble imagining what sort of an ending could have everyone so pissed off.

Now I’ve finished Mass Effect 3, and I know. Because my thoughts on finishing the game were, ‘Wait, what the hell just happened?’

It didn’t help that after the Catalyst explaining my options to me, I promptly forgot which one was which. And then when I figured it out, I was still really unsure and almost changed my mind, but then it was too late and the cut scene had taken over :p

Not that it matters. Because the only difference is the reapers closing up and going away as opposed to the reapers going boom. (I was not awesome enough to bring up the third option, apparently.)

But that is not the bit that makes no sense. If it had been that, and then an epilogue like in Dragon Age, that would have been okay? ‘The fleets who came to earth were stranded in our part of the Milky Way, but the scientists who built the Crucible are busy looking for ways to replicate the Mass Relay technology. Other habitable planets are being reached by conventional FTL. Kaidan is very sad.’

But no, that would have made sense and might have provided closure. Instead the Normandy gets spat out on a garden planet.

And Joker comes out.

And Kaidan comes out (which, okay, why was he back on the Normandy? Wasn’t he leading his biotic team?)

And Garrus comes out.

Hang on.

Garrus was with me when I went for the Citadel.

So either he is dead, or he also made it to the Citadel. (Because the other option is that he just swanned off in the middle of a mission, which is not Garrus.) Either way, the ending is impossible.

In which case I just have to think that my Shepard passed out at some point and that was all a dream. Maybe it was a bug that Garrus showed up, but I legitimately cannot be sure. If it weren’t for the post-credits cutscene, I probably would have decided that the garden planet was the afterlife.

Clearly all a dream. After Hackett radioed Shepard, he got one of my teammates in to press the button and make the reapers go boom. They bring medigel, we all live happily ever after (except the people who died). If I have to make up an ending for it to make sense, I’m making up a happy one :p

But other than that, really good game! I will probably post more about it soon.

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