Revenge 1.15

Revenge! My show, omg.

I love Amanda so much. I love that Emily is the most important person in her life, and how it breaks her heart when Tyler tells her she was used. And then her face when she realises that Emily framed Tyler to protect her.

Like, the point where you realise the person you love is manipulative and cold but you still love them.

I love the brazen way she tries to leave on Tyler, how she pulls the attitude on like a sweatshirt. I love her asking Jack to take him with her, how small and shy she gets and how happy he makes her.

Amanda was definitely the star of this episode, more than everything we’d been building up to over the season.

I really thought Daniel would die. Or, I thought he was going to die until Tyler told him about Emily. At which point the narrative consequences are too juicy to kill him off.  I’d like to think he could join her too, it would slowly be everyone joining her in her campaign of destruction. But I think he’s going to get all offended instead.

Speaking of people being caught up in her campaign of destruction, I’m wondering just what the hell Nolan is up to with Takeda. Takeda is trying to set Emily back on track, and I would not be surprised if he were responsible for Tyler. But. Argh. Nolan. I don’t know what the show is going to do!

I loved Victoria being honest with her son, but only after it’s too late. She was perfectly blunt about who she was and what she’d done. It was strange, when so much of the episode was her putting on a good face and smiling when people were throwing shit at her. (I am glad she is being sneaky still and tricking Conrad into signing things. Though really, signing things your vindictive soon-to-be ex-wife has written without reading them is not smart. Conrad’s only redeeming feature is his love for his daughter.)

And Emily, Emily, the things that fall down around you.

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