Ten reasons I love Cable and Deadpool

'But if you try anything like this again ... I'll throw you all into the ocean.'1. It’s funny. This is probably the initial appeal, and I feel like I shouldn’t enjoy Deadpool’s character so much, because, you know, it’s not very classy, but I do. He regularly makes me laugh out loud. And even when the series gets more intense, it keeps its sense of humour. I like that.

2. Deadpool might be the initial appeal, but he’s not my favourite character. Cable hits all these character kinks I never knew I had, his Jesus complex all tied up with his utopianism and I seriously have half an essay written about that. If you’re looking for a benevolent dictator, Cable’s the one you want. (Only till he can get you democratic elections in place, of course.)

3. Cable’s ideals aside, the series has enough violence to satisfy my sadistic tastes. I enjoy watching the slaughter. I possibly enjoy even more when Cable puts the fear in people without committing bodily harm. Of course, that’s what gets him into trouble – that he hasn’t done anything wrong makes him all the more suspect.

4. Violence, humour, saving the world by being a manipulative badass … probably no time for touchy-feely stuff, right? Wrong. I just want to stick in all the scans here, because it is kind of adorable how much they, Nate and Wade, Cable and Deadpool, mean to each other. Even if they might not say so in as many words.

For example, this exchange, where Deadpool has just double-crossed the X-Men. Nate says, 'The X-Men were the best offer you've ever had.' Wade says nothing. 'You believe in me.' 'Do not.' 'You do!' 'Shut up!' 'You actually think I can pull this off?' 'No, I don't!' 'Then why did you double-cross the X-Men?' Good question, Nate: Wade doesn't have an answer, and Nate just stands there smiling.

5. It’s not just Wade and Nate’s relationship that matters in this series; I enjoy seeing all Wade’s relationships blossom! Yes, they’re generally screwed up. They just manage to be strangely touching as well. Take, for example, Wade’s reunion with Weasel, whom he had left behind at a Hydra base. Wolverine tries to convince him Weasel’s gone bad, but no, Wade has faith!

'Because, believe it or not,' Wade says, 'even homicidal maniacs can have a friend keepin' an eye out for us ...'

6. I love letters pages, but they’re not usually reprinted in the trade collections. Someone decided they were worth keeping for Cable and Deadpool, and boy, am I glad they did. I like the sense of fandom it gives you; also, Wade’s answers to the questions are amazing.

Some of the letter writers are clearly only in it for the Deadpool part of the equation though, it’s quite sad.

7. I don’t usually bother to read recap pages. Particularly if I’m reading several issues in a row! However, the recap pages here are fourth-wall breaking and hilarious, and I feel compelled to read each one. One of my favourite exchanges is this one:

‘My name is Nathan Summers. Also called Cable.’

‘Also called Priscilla, saviour of the world.’

‘I can hurt you. I will hurt you. You’re barely in this issue, so make what little panel time you have worthwhile.’

‘And so I shall. By making fun of you.’

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, they’re totally best friends.

8. I said it made me laugh. I was reading happily along like that. Then Civil War hit.

I had not realised I was so invested. It made my heart sore, to see the two of them at odds. And I had to read faster than ever, because I just wanted them back together and friends again.

It never exactly happens. When they reconcile, it’s shortly before Cable ups and dies. And if there’s a problem I have with the comic, it’s that we never get any more of the buddy adventures. I would like to blame that on other storylines though. I think the writer did really well for having half his team written out, because it continues to be about Cable in a lot of ways, in the way he’s changed Deadpool.

9. Maybe this should go without saying, based on all the above, but the writing is really impressive. I wish Fabian Nicieza were still writing for Marvel, because his writing is snappy, the characters are engaging, all the arcs resolve satisfyingly (even when you want to rage against them …). Just. So good.

10. The art is also pretty damn nice. There’s a few different pencillers on the series, but the first half is mostly Patrick Zircher, and the second half mostly Reilly Brown. Both are excellent. I find the art as a whole really inviting. And the page layouts are great.

Plus I love the backflips. They’re just snazzy.

Panel showing Wade doing a flip across the panel, picking up a katana and using it to free his lady friends from where they're tied to a chair – everything else is one freeze frame, but we see him multiple times across the panel. He's that fast!

So there you go: ten reasons why this series is suddenly my new favourite. It’s that good.

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  1. Here are my reasons for loving both Nathan & Wade



    Hope you’ll like these pal ! also I tweaked the stories abit to attain this result

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