Crossgen relaunch – Mystic #1

Cover art for Mystic #1

Writer: G. Willow Wilson, pencils: David López, inks: Álvaro López, colours: Nathan Fairbairn, cover: Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts

Today I picked up the first issue of Mystic, which is the third series to come out from  the new Crossgen. All of which I have been inspired to pick up, simply from the covers on the shelves.

Turns out it is not a new imprint designed specifically to appeal to me, but rather the reimagining of series from a now-defunct company. But I do feel like this is them sneakily starting an imprint aimed at getting teenage girls to read comics. They all have women or teenage girls on the cover, and the one that also has a man has the tagline: ‘He’s the world’s greatest detective. She’s even better.’

I was a teenage girl not that long ago, and I’ve clearly gone for it.

Mystic probably has the premise that appeals most to me: two (female) best friends, stuck in an ‘orphanage’ where they work off their debts to the mistress, both interested in magic. Genevieve is the optimist, the one who dreams of being an apprentice wizard. Giselle is more pragmatic, the one who always talks back, who just wants to get out.

Guess which one accidentally finds herself apprenticed to the High Artisan?

In a scan from the comic, many people are shocked or horrified that Giselle has been selected as an apprentice; Genevieve stands with tears in her eyes.

Not Genevieve

At this point, I am definitely intrigued: I like the characters, and I want to see how the conflict between them plays out. And if it has school-story elements to boot, I will be so happy.

I’ve found the dialogue a bit awkward thus far: sort of pseudo-archaeic, and Giselle seems a bit modern to me, like she’s been reading up on unions. (But hey, fantasy world, maybe she has!) I think it will grow on me though. The art is Disney-esque, simple enough that the rather flat colouring doesn’t bother me, and the faces are brilliantly expressive.

I’ll definitely be reading further, and hope it delivers on its promise.

(On the copyright page at the end of the issue, there’s an invitation to send your letters in, which a note to mark them ‘okay to print’. Is it wrong that I am seriously hoping this means a LETTERS COLUMN? I do miss the letters columns. Where’s the benefits in buying single issues without them? I also hope that means this is going to be an ongoing series, rather than a four-part mini like Sigil and Ruse. It feels like it should be.)

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