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Now that I am off work for a few weeks, I have time to read more books! Some short thoughts on the latest reading:

Scorpia Rising – Anthony Horowitz

The latest (and last) Alex Rider book was a disappointment. Snakehead was emotionally and narratively gripping; Scorpia Rising needed to be way tighter, and I felt rather disconnected throughout it. I don’t think not having your protagonist show up for over 150 pages is a good start.

There were a few moments were I felt, yes, this is why I love these books! But they were rather far between.

Tortall and Other Lands – Tamora Pierce

Tamora Pierce’s short fiction is diverting, but not satisfying in the way that her novels are. I read Pierce mostly for the school story aspect, and you can’t really get that out a short story. I think my favourite in this collection was ‘Student of Ostriches’, which I’d actually read before, where a young girl teaches herself to fight by imitating the prairie animals, and uses those skills to defend her family’s honour. Generally, I liked the ones that didn’t deal with characters we already know – the ones featuring Nawat and Kitten felt unnecessary, skippable.

Succubus Heat – Richelle Mead

I raced through this. I’m enjoying this series so much; I have basically no critical thoughts about them. I am all, omigosh, about every new revelation, and my reactions are purely emotional.

This book shows that, even without her powers, Georgina is an awesome lady who spreads joy and brings out the best in people ♥ I mean that in a nice way. I really do hope for the best for her.

Except it turns out I am very disapproving of infidelity in books. Not that it’s being condoned, but! Stop being unfaithful, people! Here’s hoping the ending indicates a new, snark-filled direction in Georgina’s love-life. I’m not even in it for the love-life! I’m in it for the mythology and the mysteries, and for Georgina. I do think the mysteries are getting stronger as these books go along, and I love Georgina’s determination to get to the bottom of things. So stop being a distraction, men!

Four books in, my pleasure in this series has not dimmed. Looking forward to my copy of Succubus Shadows arriving soon.

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