Five movies/TV shows, and how they came into my life

The ones where I was behind the times: Lost in Austen and the Terminator movies

Lost in Austen

I watched Lost in Austen never having read Pride and Prejudice. I was just so utterly charmed by the premise that I had to see for myself!

Plot in a nut: P&P fan Amanda gets swapped with Elizabeth, and in her attempts to keep the story running as it should manages to screw everything up. She is forced to sing, tells Bingley she is a lesbian to Caroline’s delight, and gets taught by Wickham how to be a lady.

I did a set of Jemima Rooper icons (who plays Amanda) and it was so fantastic to go through and cap Lost in Austen: Amanda pulls many great faces, eats a lot of food, reads books, and there are so many scenes which are all ladies. So many femmeslash possibilities! On the people I wish to ship Amanda with, Darcy is on the bottom of the list.

Lost in Austen = pure delight, and the best pick-me-up a girl could want.

The Terminator movies

Considering my affection for AIs and robots, it is amazing it took me as long to see Terminator as it did. The Sarah Connor Chronicles was my first encounter with the Terminator franchise, but I soon corrected that, and my sister and I spent a lovely afternoon watching the first two movies. We spent a not-so-lovely afternoon watching Terminator Salvation in the theatre (I mean, there was a lot of stuff going on that I liked, but there was a lot that was just WHAT.) I was then pleasantly surprised by the third movie, which was not as awful as I had heard.

But I have posted about Terminator before, so I don’t need to go about that.

The shows I loved as a teenager: Gormenghast and Jonathan Creek


My friend Ms Bird was a big Mervyn Peake fan when we were teenagers. I was a big Jonathan Rhys-Meyers fan. Watching the Gormenghast miniseries was an obvious next step for us, and we were very impressed. Death by owls! We were particularly taken by the twins, Cora and Clarice and often quoted them.

The books are massive, and I only read the first, but I think the miniseries did really well at preserving their tone, the overwhelming nonsensical ritualism, the ancient claustrophobia of the castle. The visuals for the miniseries very strong, and I can still picture many of the scenes – despite not having seen them since high school.

Jonathan Creek

You might think that the important part of Jonathan Creek is its title character who creates the tricks for a magician and solves mysteries in his spare time. No! Jonathan would never have solved any mysteries if it weren’t for Maddy Magellan, true-crime writer and general nosy-parker.

Basically: people die and no-one can figure out how it was possibly done, until Maddy fibs her way onto the crime scene, and drags Jonathan along with her. Maddy is wonderfully bolshy, and Jonathan is very dry and really would rather not be involved, but while he’s here he may as well explain how it was done. Their relationship is the best thing ever. They do hook up in one episode, but promptly decide it was a mistake and go back to being reluctant BFFs.

I first watched Jonathan Creek when I was at intermediate, I think, and again when they replayed it on UKTV last year. Luckily I had managed to forget all the solutions! Maddy is only in the first three seasons (there are four, plus a bunch of specials) and the series, though quite watchable, is not the same without her.

The one I found through vids: Misfits


The first thing that made me want to watch Misfits was Nicky’s disturbing vid, ‘I Want to Destroy Something Beautiful‘. However, my favourite parts of the show are less the disturbing and more the ridiculous – the psychic baby being the best thing ever. And I love how they pass from the ridiculous into something empathetic and meaningful, or into something truly scary. And I think they walk that line really well, between the comedy and the drama, what touches you and what freaks you out.

This is a series I really cannot recommend enough: the first season is only six episodes long, and I think it’s brilliant. And season two starts next month!

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