Re-Gifters – Mike Carey, Sonny Liew and Marc Hempel

I utterly adored My Faith in Frankie from the same team, so I was looking forward to this. Sadly, it’s not as good.

The protagonist, Jen Dik Seong, or just Dixie, is a talented martial artist in hapkido – only she’s somewhat distracted at the moment by a giant crush on Adam, who also studies hapkido. He throws her off her game completely. Trouble comes when Dixie spends the money her father can barely put together for an upcoming tournament on a very expensive present for Adam. Who doesn’t appreciate it – thus the re-gifting in the title. Whilst it was quite enjoyable, the structure of it all was too obvious.

My least favourite moment is when Dixie’s best friend breaks her leg – meaning she can give her place in the tournament to Dixie. Because of course it had to happen to further the plot, but did it have to be so unsubtle? And I didn’t feel that Dixie really had to deal with the consequences of her actions – there’s a happy ending, Adam gets his cumuppance and it all ties together maybe too nicely.

On the other hand, the art is gorgeous. Flicking through it the pages seem very busy, but reading it it doesn’t matter. It’s all black and white and grey tone, which probably helps there. Makes it cleaner. And the drawings are so expressive, very appealing.

It’s split into chapters, despite having been released as a single volume. They are humorously titled but I had to remember to actually read them (as in one case they were actually referenced) – I have a tendancy to skip over titles.

Overall, Re-Gifters is an enjoyable story, and I’m glad more girl’s comics are being published – I just wish the narrative had been better crafted.

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