Misheard lyrics

My musical obsession at the moment is the new Metric album, Fantasies. There’s a refrain on the second song that to me sounded like,

Everybody, everybody just won’t fall into line
Everybody, everybody just won’t play with me

I imagined it was about a girl-child who wants to boss everyone around only no-one’ll do things her way. Except listening to the rest of the lyrics, the song blatantly wasn’t about that. And I’m rather bad at understanding Canadian accents in songs.

It actually goes,

Everybody, everybody just wanna fall in love
Everybody, everybody just wanna play the lead

Which is far lest interesting, and I’m sorry that my imagined song doesn’t actually exist.

One Response to “Misheard lyrics”

  1. LOL I too am obsessed with that album and I’ve been singing the wrong lyrics to gold guns girls, which is supposed to be: I don’t wanna bend, let the bad girls bend. I have been saying I don’t wanna bend like the backless man. On synthetica, too, in breathing underwater, I would say I’m the wave you’re the tide instead of I’m the weight you’re the kite. Idk it makes sense to me!

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