SCC 2.22 – Born to Run

They played the last two episodes of the Sarah Connor Chronicles back-to-back here. The promos didn’t bother to point this out – I only realised because they said it was the finale, and I knew it wasn’t. Thank goodness, or we would’ve missed out on the last ever episode and I would’ve cried.

Being, you know, as I’ve already used up all our broadband for this month. Oops.

Where I try and get the time travel straight in my head

One thing Terminator has done for me is that it has made me think about time travel more than I ever wanted to. (We saw the season final of Lost the other night, and boy, they seem to think they know more about spacetime works then I could dream of knowing.) I have decided that in the Terminator ‘verse, time is like a CD-RW. You overwrite what has already happened. The Star Trek VI time travel correspondingly, works like a CD-R – you can’t just rewrite over what’s already happened; if you’re changing stuff, you need a new disc.

That’s the analogy my friend came up with in sixth form. We can deal with either or, as long as it’s consistant. And Doctor Who we just don’t even think about.

So John Connor skips forward in time, to a resistance in which he plays no part. I can’t remember who was last to travel back in his timeline, if it was Weaver or Jesse (if we even know), but I guess it was Weaver’s going back that meant John didn’t grow up in this timeline.

So I guess if John goes back, then he rewrites the whole timeline again. That iteration just blinks out (I guess this is what the Lost survivors are counting on).

And obviously Sarah can’t stop Judgement Day, because it’s happened in the world John travels into. Anything she does now is now is the history of John’s new world. We’re just never going to get to find out what that is.

It’s kind of bittersweet to go back and read people’s posts on the finale, back before the cancel was definite. Next season would have been so exciting.

Robots I just think about for the fun of it

One of the things I enjoy about SCC compared to BSG, say, is that the robots are robots. Or the cyborgs or cyborgs, whatever you want to call them. In SCC, machines do not have sex. They’re terminators; their aim is to kill, not reproduce.

And John loves Cameron, the machine. Which means the scene where he opens up her chest is awkward as hell, framed like sex; but Cameron is a machine. She’s not thinking like that.

John loves Cameron, the machine; he follows her chip into the future. But what he finds first is not Cameron, but, we are presuming, Allison. Allison who I had forgotten about until I looked on the interwebs, on whom Cameron is based or built upon.

I would have to rewatch that episode; I probably still wouldn’t know. Just like I’m never going to know how John is going to react to Allison; who looks like Cameron but is not; who is human and not a machine.

In this future, there are so many people who are still alive. Who haven’t died yet, who may never travel back, may die in different ways. Has this future’s Cameron been built yet, will she ever be? Have Derek and Jesse met yet? Do we all get second chances?

And what of the inter-machine conflict? John Henry who has not been built to kill, but who is not what he was – who is no longer ensconced in metres of hardware. You can’t move him for that would change him. So how are he and Cameron changed now? Are we going to see a true machine-human alliance in the future? For that, surely, is what is necessary.

These machines aren’t human, but that doesn’t necessitate that they are our enemy.

I’m sorry I won’t get to see how it all plays out.

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