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I’m working on a report for my volcanology class, at the moment. I flaked on starting the writing any earlier than a week before it was due. Which probably wasn’t smart for a 7,500 word report. I feel myself flashing back to the years I did NaNoWriMo: come on, another 100 words, 100 words isn’t that long, is it? And then another 100. If I do 1250 a night, I’ll be okay.

I am well put off science at this point. I can’t wait till I am back just doing plain old undergrad courses. All I want to do at the moment is read smutty Star Trek fic, dammit!

Actually, Hekla is a pretty interesting volcano. Also I love reading all the Icelandic names (maybe not the part where I have to keep going into ‘special characters’ to write them). I should just be grateful I got my last seminar over and done with and it’s only writing I have to do now.

Right, off to do another 100 words…

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