It’s all about the robots

If I were going to teach a robot why it shouldn’t kill people, I would say, well, you wouldn’t like to be killed, would you? Each human is a person too, and generally they don’t like being killed. You should respect them because they are people too, they are worlds in themselves, they have moral status. (I have been read Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy, and there is a lot of discussion of moral status.)

I would not say it is because they are God’s children and thus are sacred… well, obviously because I’m not religious, but it also seems easily manipulable. Plus it doesn’t seem a good sign that Ellison’s not working with the base assumption that John Henry is one of “God’s children”. I don’t think I’d like to be taught by someone who didn’t acknowledge my inherent right to exist.

I’m really keen to see how it plays out though. Funny how the religious elements on Battlestar Galactica have never been of interest to me, but the idea of Ellison teaching the baby AI Christianity gets me all excited. Does John Henry have access to the interwebs? Can he do his own research? What happens when he starts developing his own ideas about God? I want to know!

It should go without saying that I don’t think this will end well.

In that other show about robots, we’ve finally started watching Season 4 of Battlestar Galactica. I am so outraged at the Cylons who thought it was okay to lobotomise the raiders (and so glad that the Centurians got to… um, brutally murder them all.)

Hal Shipman, author of ‘Some Cylons Are More Equal than Others’ in Battlestar Galactica and Philosophy will be feeling vindicated. Oh Cylons, how could you be so hypocritical?

Thus my new icon.

Also character development and plot movement in both, but at the moment I am only thinking about the robots! I also blame this vid by [info - personal] charmax, Unnatural Selection, which is filled with thinky thoughts on the robots in BSG and SCC both.

I have changed my mind about what I want to write my next Buddhism essay on; now I would like to write ‘Do robots have Buddha-nature?’ I have already found a book I can read, The Buddha in the Robot. It would probably be too much fun to right though, I ought to pick something that normal people will think is serious business. Not everyone is as concerned about how to prevent the robot apocolypse as I am.

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