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Squids Will Be Squids – Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

Posted in Books, Picture books with tags , on September 15, 2005 by Cara Marie

Squids Will Be Squids is the most exciting book I have read in a long time, telling the fables Aesop never got to tell, and including a moral even in the small print. Jon Scieszka & Lane Smith have been working together since 1989, when The True Story of the Three Little Pigs! was published.

It’s a highly appealing book. The art is big and bold, and illustrates the text nicely, bringing out the humour. The morals, seemingly ridiculous, make a lot of sense – of all the things you could say to calm a raging grasshopper mother, ‘I don’t know’ is not one of them, and ‘Don’t play with matches’ – everyone knows they’re selfish and don’t play fair. Some of the morals seem to stem from the story, but others, like ‘don’t play with matches’ and ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ inspire the stories.

Squids Will Be Squids is funny, and great when you have friends who do things like sing Les Miserables replacing all the nouns with the word ‘squid’. And if they’re grammar nuts who insist squids is not the correct plural of squid, the book has an answer for that too – if it’s good for the Encyclopaedia Britannica, it’s good enough for them. “And it’s funnier too.”